Sunday, April 22, 2007


It has been quite a couple of weeks at Casa Fitz. Just after Easter, my dear Harrison turned one year old on the 10th. (I can hardly believe he's one, he just got here!) Then I got a little bit sick and then he got really sick. His head cold moved into his lungs and then he topped it off with an ear infection. He is currently on a nebulizer 3x per day and on his first antibiotics. =( But he is such a little trooper, even sick, he never stops melting my heart with his infectious little laugh.

So not much has happened around here. Not much sleeping, not much eating, not much internet, not much to update, so I have just posted some photos below of the last 2 weeks. Also, my friend Stacy posts letters to her each of her children on their birthdays. I love her letters, thought it was a wonderful tradition and I posted my letter to Harry.


Harrison Turns One

Thanks for stopping by my mommy's blog to see my birthday photos!

Mommy made everyone wear hats...
Brayden didn't like his
And she made this cake to look like me
After much debate, she let me eat some... and I loved it!
I got cool presents too!
With my hot new ride, I am a cool cop like Uncle Steve
Auntie Renee sent me this present... It's Daddy's favorite, but Mommy says I can't wear it yet cause she is 29 and that would be lying.

To my beloved son

Dear Harrison,

Happy birthday, my dear little one.

As we celebrate your very first birthday today, I have been reflecting on the first year of your life. The pain of all the happy and sad moments apart is so distant from me in our day-to-day life together, for you are such a joy. But today, as we commemorate one year of your life, I cannot help but remember much of this year, when we did not have each other to hold. I am sorry but I don't know what time you were born, or what your life was like that day. I know that your birth mother loved you very much and she cared for you for your first 2 months, until she took you to the orphanage. It was then, when you were 2 months old, that I first saw your beautiful face. Less than a week after I saw that photo, you were in my arms.

During the months that followed, I watched you grow through photographs and videos. I prayed and waited patiently, and not-so patiently to be reunited with you. My heart ached as I thought of you going into surgery without your mommy in the waiting room. Or when you cut your first teeth without your mommy to comfort you. My heart soared when I read you were gaining weight and when I first saw you giggle. I am so blessed, because you saved so much of yourself for me, learning to sit up unassisted, crawl, and now walk sideways along the couches all since you have been home.

In the almost 3 months that you have been home, you have turned my world upside down with joy. I am truly the happiest I have ever been in my life, and that has everything to do with you.

When you first came home you were a bit unsure of what had happened in your world and so you were a bit unsure of us. You didn't know how to cuddle with us, and you didn't know we wanted to comfort you when you hurt yourself. In fact, other than that amazing laugh, we rarely saw you express any emotion at all. But with a little time and a little work, we have won your heart and you have opened up to us. Now, you can't bear for me to leave the room, you snuggle up to me throughout the day and I have even caught you fake crying, just for extra snuggles. I am happy to oblige! And when Daddy gets home from work, well, you have never seen a baby crawl so fast. Daddy usually ends up rolling on the floor, still in his suit and tie, because he just can't resist you tugging at his leg.

For the most part, you are a very easy going baby, but when you get something in your head you are incredibly determined. You are a terrific blend of laid-back and spunky, and each day your daddy and I see how God chose the perfect child for us. And your laugh! I can't say enough about it. You laugh with every inch of your body, with every ounce of your soul. You kick your legs, wiggle your toes, shake your fists, squeeze your little eyes shut and bare those 4 perfect teeth.

Right now, you like to wave hi, give 5, play peek-a-boo, and blow raspberries when we kiss you. Your favorite activity is jumping in your jumperoo to the beat of my clapping. Sometimes you will jump and jump until you put yourself to sleep, still bouncing. Your favorite toy is a spoon. For some reason, spoons of all shapes and sizes provide endless entertainment. Bath time is your favorite. You love the water, and you are fearless. You proved to be a natural swimmer in Mimi and Grandpa's pool.

You are not crazy about eating, but when you must, you love vegetables. Often, we have to hide the meat in your veggies to get some protein in your little body. You do not like sippy cups. You either want your bottle, or you want a regular cup, and you are actually very good with regular cups.

You say "Dada" constantly, and "Mama" once every few days. Daddy plays a little game with you... he says, "Say Mama," and you giggle and say "Dada!" "Say Mama"..."Dada!" You and he do this over and over, both of you cracking up!

You are truly our little dream come true and we thank God for everyday He has given us with you. I pray for you to grow big and strong and smart, and that you learn to trust us more and more. I also pray for us, that the Lord will guide us and give us wisdom and courage as we endeavor to live up to the amazing gift God has given us in you.

I love you my son!

Easter Pix

Uncle Steve has turned into such a softie!

Hanging with Uncle Bill

Playing with cousin Brayden

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back when it was spring...

Somehow, the beautiful spring weather vanished and we went back to yuck-o winter. Have I mentioned lately that I am ready to move to Florida with my in-laws!?!

Anyway, back when the weather was nice we were taking Harrison on walks in the evenings. Here are a few photos to remember brighter days...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Harry goes to Florida

Riding a gator

Breakfast by the pool

Out on the town

Playing in the hot tub

Reading with Grandpa

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I had to take a break

It has been awhile since I have posted. Life has been crazy and blogging had to take a temporary backseat.

My dh's job, almost overnight, became a very bad situation and we were concerned for his safety. God provided a job offer at exactly the right time and we decided he should leave immediately. We had a free week before he needed to start at the new firm, so spur of the moment, we headed to Florida to visit his parents. We arrived home late last night.

Harry loved Florida and just adores his ever-doting grandparents. Though he loves the water, and never wanted to get out of the pool, he was no fan of the actual beach. I truly enjoyed the break and was able to get in some coveted reading time. My mil treated me to a pedicure, something that I so took for granted when I was working, but now it is such a treat.

I am hosting Easter dinner for 17 tomorrow, so I must be going. I usually host it on the screened porch, but since it has been snowing, we may be turning our living room into a dining room tonight. I will post vacation pix and some better updates soon. As always I have several posts rolling around in my head but I can't find the time to get them out.