Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Fun

Fall is my absolute favorite season and it has been so much fun to enjoy it with Harrison this year. Two weeks ago we went to a fall festival at a local park. Here are some pics...

Harrison with his cousin Brayden

In line for a hayride

Getting his face painted with PopPop

Happy Boys!

Then last week we went to the best pumpkin patch ever! It had a petting zoo, hay rides, a big hay pit for the kiddos to jump around in, a playground, one barn where you could learn about farming, another barn where they served hot dogs, fries and ice cream and finally a 3+ mile corn maze.

An aerial view of this year's maze

Harry found a little lamb

Brayden, Annie and Harrison

So many pumpkins!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here we wait

Something comes to you, an idea, a plan, a new venture. You head down the path and can sense God is in this thing, He is moving. You have your destination in mind and you are forging ahead with your eye on the prize. As you go, you hit obstacles, unexpected bumps in the road that force you to change and grow. With your heart set on the things ahead, you yield to the process and find God is breaking down walls in your heart. He is using this path to change you in ways you had not expected.

Then suddenly you reach a fork in your road. You can bear left pressing on toward your original goal, or now you can bear right toward another destination. Another destination that you had considered before, but dismissed quickly, as not for you, for so many reasons. But standing there at the fork, you realize your time on this path has changed you, and each of the objections you had to this new destination have worn away as you toiled on the path. You would not have started down this road with the new destination in mind, but now that you are at the fork, you see that you needed to head down this road to get to either destination. You needed to be changed in order to be prepared to arrive at the new destination. And so there you stand. Staring at the fork. Your heart clinging to all the reasons you started on the path, but amazed by the excitement stirring in your belly at the new venture just steps away. Was this His plan all along, or is this just a distraction? God will guide you, you are sure of that, but waiting for Him at this crossroads isn’t easy.

Waiting for Him at this crossroads isn’t easy.

I hesitate to write anything at all, because I have no idea which way He will lead. Well, maybe that’s not true, maybe I do have an idea. There are a million reasons why Ethiopia is the right fit for us, and I WANT IT SO BADLY. But I have a feeling, we are going to bear right toward a new destination. Maybe not, and so we wait…