Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Question of Schooling:part 2

I thought my next post on this subject would be to move on to private, Christian school, but I have a few more thoughts on public education that I wanted to mention.

I was considered a "gifted and talented" student in my public school.  I excelled in all subjects but Math.  I was an above average, but not "gifted" Math student.  The public school system was not set up to accommodate a student such as myself.  You were either gifted in all subjects or you were gifted in none. Despite my A's in all the other classes, I couldn't keep up in Math and was moved into lower level classes across the board. My parents pleaded with the administration to allow me to be moved into a slower paced Math course while still being permitted to explore my giftedness in English and History. No, they could not make the schedule work. I was moved to all average classes, where I was so ridiculously bored that I could barely stay awake most days. 

And finally there is the is issue of the secular humanist indoctrination going on in public schools.  I remember the first teacher to blatantly mock Christianity.  I remember learning evolution, while the teacher threw in jokes about Creationism. I remember not having the confidence at 12 years old to raise my hand and stand up to my teacher.  And I remember watching as another student did, and was utterly humiliated by that teacher.

I understand that these were just one person's experiences in the public school system. Another student, in another time or another place may not have faced the challenges that I did. But these are my experiences, and I carry them with me into my decision making regarding my children's education. 

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