Tuesday, March 23, 2010

365 days later

Blogging is too much like homework.  

That’s what I have said whenever anyone asks me why I haven’t blogged  in a year. I feel some weird pressure, as if my 3 devoted readers will be so disappointed in me if I can’t find something relatable, witty, engaging to write about every.single.day.  So I just don’t write. But I do so love blogging… I love the way I process my thoughts as I type. I love having a record of memories takes me right back to the emotions I felt on any random day.  And just like any other blogger who is honest, I me some love comments.

My love for blogging makes me want to start again. My dread of homework makes me think I will probably blog for a week maybe two and then quit again.  I’ve thought about making some bold commitment, like a promise to blog everyday for a month.   Hmmm… maybe I should just commit to be back tomorrow. 

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